How lst works

STEP 1 |


It’s a 30/60-minute Video Call (depending on how in-depth we discuss certain aspects), it's free and without any obligation to purchase from you.

It’s a Video Call with these central topics and objectives:

NB: This Video Call is not an "exam," and its only purpose is to get to know each other better.

Depending on your goals and level, we will analyze and deepen more technical aspects or simply talk about practical or mental aspects of Triathlon.

STEP 2 |

LST DEEP Analisys

Once you have decided to become an LST athlete, this will be our next milestone. In this video call, we will define in detail and, more precisely, what we said in the previous one. Here are the main objectives of this analysis:

STEP 3 |


Creation of the athlete account in TrainingPeaks (if you already have one, you can use yours) and a detailed explanation of its main functions and how we will use them.

Among the aspects that we will define first are:

STEP 4 |


Based on the objectives set, your training plan will begin and be made available weekly (you will always find it on TrainingPeaks) and where you will find all your daily workouts explained clearly and understandably so that you have to focus on training.

For any mishap (sudden commitment, climate change etc.) do not worry, contact us, and there will always be a solution and an alternative ready for you and your needs.

STEP 5 |

LST Weekly VideoCall

Weekly or biweekly Video Calls (depending on the chosen training plan) during which we analyze the workouts and performance of the previous week, and we lay the foundations for the next week’s activities having some updated basic data (fatigue, commitments, sensations).

STEP 6 |


To measure the condition of the athlete because of the races, to evaluate its improvements, and to measure the load of the workouts appropriately, we use field tests that we do for our athletes periodically (according to the program chosen).

These are tests that the athlete can carry out independently following detailed protocols provided by LST. The periodic tests are of various types and refer to swimming, cycling, and running.

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